HR Dashboard Organisation Heirarchy Pyramid Chart

This chart will quickly become a regular feature on your HR dashboard or Balanced Scorecard:

The pyramid shape is useful to illustrate the relative numbers of employees at each level in your organisation. I’ve seen HR Manager’s use it before to compare different departments and come up with organisational development plans.

So here it is:

HR Dashboard Organisation Heirarchy Pyramid Chart

I’ve seen colleagues struggle to format the chart to look like this, and I had previously used helper cells to include formulas to get the ranges for the chart right. However this version relies upon named ranges to do the work (using OFFSET to find the size of your table), so you only have to look at the real data, and its got conditional formatting to keep the table formatted in our snazzy XLCalibre colours. Formatting the data as a table (which was my initial intention) would make things expand automatically and keep the colours, but it kept throwing up error messages so I went with the OFFSET approach instead.

If you’re looking for more to put on your HR Dashboard you may want to check out this Gantt Chart / Traffic Light report.

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