XLCalibre Slide Puzzle

Just for Fun… The Amazing Macro-powered Excel Slide Puzzle

You know slide puzzles right?

XLCalibre Slide PuzzleYou have a picture set out on tiles which have been scrambled, and you have to slide them around to put the picture back together. Well now you can enjoy them in Excel!


Make sure you enable macro’s and you’re ready to go. If you complete the puzzle and want to start again (or just get stuck) the spreadsheet can even shuffle the tiles for you.

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3 thoughts on “Just for Fun… The Amazing Macro-powered Excel Slide Puzzle”

  1. I was toying with the idea of making a pictoral slider puzzle in Excel. It’s simple to make one with numbers, because then you can just change the values of each cell (similar to what you did in your code).
    What I couldn’t figure out is how to easily parse sections of a picture into different controls.
    I am a bit perplexed about how you did it in yours. I see the main picture that the slider tiles are referencing. What I’m unsure about is what type of controls you are using for the slider tiles that allow the formulas and then set the picture according to the cells in those INDIRECT formulas. May I ask what control you are using to act as the slider tiles? It looks like a form control, but my Excel doesn’t give an option for a picture box in the form controls.
    The code itself could be tightened up a bit. As it seems you’ve done in other projects, you don’t need to select cells to access them, but I don’t know that you gain much in performance by modifying the code. I played around a bit, and was able to get a slight speed increase, but it wasn’t too noticeable. It seems like Excel redrawing the screen is the main time delay.

    1. Hi Andy – you’re right about the selection in the code – this is not the most efficient way of doing it. I was using this as a way of teaching myself VBA and have since learned the error of my ways!
      To get the effect you want insert a screenshot, press F2 to edit the formula bar, and point it at some cells or a named range. All I did was put my picture over nine cells, and pointed my nine screenshot shapes at each of the nine cells. Does that make sense?

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