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The Best Excel Gantt Chart Ever?

A while ago we did a post about Gantt chart / RAG report. It explored some ideas and functionality for using Excel to track project progress and visualize it.


I started using it for various projects, and making improvements bit by bit. Here are the key changes:

1. Dates entered on the same worksheet as the Gantt Chart (much more practical)
2. Action Categories are colour coded automatically (up to 10 categories)
3. Weeks and Months were shown as numbers and are now dates (easier to understand)
4. Now able to view by Quarter (a high-level overview)
5. Choose the month your year starts for Quarter view (most likely useful to change between calendar year and financial year)
6. Optionally display non-workdays in Date view (UK Bank Holidays are shown as an example)
7. Sorting and filtering now available

So without further ado, here it is – The Best Excel Gantt Chart Ever from XLCalibre.

Is there anything you would change?

XL FORMULA FOCUS: COUNTIF to Calculate Headcount


No HR Dashboard is complete without a headcount summary, and Excel has given us the COUNTIF function to make it easy!


It’s a pretty straightforward formula – this is how Excel describes it: “Counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given criteria”. So all you need is a range of cells and the value that you are looking for within that range. For example if you had a list of staff and their department, you could count how many are in your Finance team.

Here’s what it looks like:

COUNTIF ( range , criteria )

So if your table has a column with departments listed, that’s your range – let’s say it’s C2:C14. If you want to count how many of those say Finance, you can put “finance” as your criteria (don’t worry, it’s not case sensitive”). Your formula would look like this:

COUNTIF ( C2:C14, “finance” )

If you’re using this formula for a headcount summary on a dashboard, you’ll want to show more than one department, in a table something like this:

If that’s the case you won’t want to keep changing the criteria part of the formula in each cell, like this:

COUNTIF ( C2:C14, “finance” )

COUNTIF ( C2:C14, “HR” )

COUNTIF ( C2:C14, “IT” )

COUNTIF ( C2:C14, “Marketing” )

COUNTIF ( C2:C14, “Sales” )


Instead, you can just reference the cell to the left, in the Department column, and make the range part of the formula a static range by adding $ signs (you can just press F4 as a shortcut) like this:

COUNTIF ( $C$2:$C$14, E2)

Note that the we haven’t made the criteria reference static as we want this to follow down column by column to change the department.

Here’s what it would look like:

Of course on this small table you can quickly count things yourself, but when you have a table with dozens or even hundreds of rows the COUNTIF function can save you an awful lot of time.

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