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Just for Fun… Countdown

Last week I wrote a London 2012 Olympics-themed post showing how to use Excel to flip a coin. Keeping in the Olympic spirit I thought I’d share a spreadsheet that helps you count down the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds between now and the opening ceremony.


It uses a simple macro to calculate each second, and you can adapt it to any deadline date and time, and to show either just workdays or all days. Beyond that I’ll let you explore the tool yourself and understand how it works.

When you open it you’ll need to enable macros, and then click the Countdown button on the bottom right of the Display tab.



Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – Control with Symbols

Another selection of keyboard shortcuts. Press Control and the following symbols:


` – Toggles between displaying cell values and formulas in the current worksheet.

~ – Cell format is General.

! – Cell format is Number with two decimal places, commas, and minus symbol for negative values.

@ – Cell format is Time hour and minute, and AM or PM.

# – Cell format is Date (dd-mmm-yy).

$ – Cell format is Currency (with 2 decimal places and negatives in brackets).

% – Cell format is Percentage (with no decimal places).

^ – Cell format is Exponential with two decimal places.

& – Adds outline border on selected cells.

* – Selects the range of cells around the active cell.

( – Unhides all hidden rows in the selection.

) – Unhides all hidden columns in the selection.

– – Delete the selected cells.

_ – Removes outline border on selected cells.

+ – Insert cells.

; – Enters the current date.

: – Enters the current time.

‘ – Copies a formula from the cell above.

” – Copies the value from the cell above.